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FCI Clinic FAQ
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Q: What is the FCI about? A: As a whole, the FCI is focused on advancing and integrating the science, medicine and art of fly casting through fly-casting analysis, fly-caster training, and biomechanical/medical research. Much of what we do in our clinics involves using a blend of hands-on instruction, sports-medicine/rehab feedback, and technology to make fly casting (and thus fly fishing) more enjoyable for our clients.

Q: What types of technology does the FCI use? A: The FCI uses a number of cutting-edge technologies, including a Casting Analyzer and a Simbiorski "Videolyzer," which allows real-time video-feedback so clients can literally watch themselves cast. In addition, a digital video camera and other casting analysis tools are employed to provide both instructional and research data.

Q: Is the clinic only for those with injuries or pain? A: The FCI is open to any caster who is interested in casting healthier and better (perhaps preventing pain or injuries in the future). Some casters do attend because of injury or other physiological issues, but there are other casters who attend simply to work with the technology and to focus on honing some aspect of their casting.

Q: Is the clinic only for highly experienced casters? A: The general clinic is open to casters of all levels, but we recommend that casters have several years of dedicated experience before attending. The clinic is fast-paced, and is not designed to provide an introductory environment. Fly casting itself (not general fishing) is the core focus, and casters without experience and a goal in mind may find themselves frustrated.

Q: Do all clinic participants have the same curriculum? A: Certain aspects of the clinic are designed for all clients — the medical survey, the Casting Analyzer and so forth. The actual casting instruction is tuned to each client's needs and desires, and the focus can range from core competencies, to accuracy, to distance work, and other aspects in between.

Q: Will attending the clinic turn me into a great caster? A: Dedicated practice, coupled with directed instruction and significant self-critique can go a long way toward making a very good caster. Innate physical capacity is also part of the larger equation. The FCI is not a magic machine for creating casting greatness. We can assist our clients with a portion of their casting journey, but in the end, how one chooses to apply oneself will make the ultimate fly-casting difference.

Q: What casting gear should I bring to the clinic? A: We encourage you to bring the rods, reels, and lines that you use the most or that you feel are central to your fly-casting concerns. At present, the FCI does not provide any additional gear.

Q: What fishing is available at or near FCI clinics? A: Fishing is dependent on where the clinic is held. If a clinic is held on private property, then private fishing is sometimes immediately available. Other clinics may bear held in places where fishing (public or private) is nearby, either via "do-it-yourself" or guided trips.

Q: Does the FCI offer speciality clinics (e.g. for guides)? A: The FCI is looking into offering clinics with a narrow client focus (such as guides or certified casting instructors). Any such clinics will be made available through the FCI Web site.

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